Beginner's guide

It is easy to get overwhelmed when starting a new game, that's why we have put together a little guide to help you build a profitable ski resort.

A good way to progress is to build the buildings in the order of the achievements list but that's up to you if you want to go a different way.

The guide below gives an overview of the main aspect of the game.

The goal

The goal of the game is to grow your ski resort and make it a profitable business. At the beginning, you start with nothing but a specific amount of money, the rest is up to you!

Create your resort

The first step to start playing is to create a ski resort. For that, go to the resort page and fill in the form.
Once you have chosen a name, country and written a short description, you are ready to construct buildings, slopes, lifts, hire staff and buy equipment.

Note: Most pages are only accessible once you have created your resort

First building - a must!

The most important building is the Tourist Information Center, it rules the opening and closing of the resort:
When the Tourist Information Center is open, the resort is open and welcomes tourists.
When it is closed, the resort is closed and no tourists will come to your resort.
It is also the place where you can define the price of the skipass. At the beginning it may be a good idea to reduce the price as your resort won't have so many slopes. Everyday, you get a indication whether the skipass price is too low or too high, on the Activity page.
Build the Tourist Information Center, it should only take a couple of minutes.

Lifts and slopes

Once the Tourist Information Center is built, start the construction of your first lift. Since your budget is limited, you will only be able to build one lift at the beginning, but it should be one with a decent throughput. A small cabin lift or a big detachable grip chair lift should do the job.
A lift won't satisfy your tourists, so make sure to build a slope that is deserved by this lift.

Depending on the length, a slope can take a few hours to a couple of days to be ready. A lift takes approximately the same time.

Instructions on how to build slopes and lifts are available on the Trail map page. This page is accessible from the resort page.

Once the first slope is ready, you can build a second one, still deserved by the same lift.

Note: It is only possible to build one building of each time simultaneously, i.e. one slope, one lift, one hotel...

Maintain your infrastructure - buy equipment!

To make sure the quality of your slopes is optimal, it is important to have them groomed. Buy a snow groomer from the equipment menu.
It takes a few hours for the snow groomer to be delivered, after that, you will need to assign it to sector 1 from the same page.

Hire staff

Who is going to drive this Snow Groomer?! Hire a Snow Groomer Mechanics on the Hire staff page. The more efficient the employee is, the higher the slope quality will be.
You also need someone to operate your lift, make sure you also hire a Lift Mechanic.
Finally, you need one Ski Patrol per slope to ensure safety and handling of injured tourists.
Once you have hired your employees, make sure you assign them to their equipment, slope or sector in the Overview staff page.

Build hotels and restaurants

In order to attract more tourists, you need to add hotels and restaurants to your resorts. These buildings generate a lot of revenues and not having enough hotel will drastically affect the number of tourists.
Build one small hotel and one snack. As soon as they are completed, upgrade them to level 2. After that you can invest in a second hotel and a second restaurant, level 2 as well.

Ready to open!

By now, you have invested in the strict minimum to welcome tourists in decent conditions. Of course, there is still a lot to do and you are only at the really beginning of a long journey.
You can now open your slopes and lift from the resort page.
On the resort page, make sure the grooming capacity is adapted, the snow groomer icon should be green.

Finally, open your resort by opening the Tourist Information Center on the Access and Parkings page, or from the status icon in the left-side bar.

A little bit further...

A good way to increasing the number of tourists and get a fair amount of cash is to publish a Marketing Campaigns every day. Each consecutive day you publish a campaign, the rewards increase. This can be done from the Marketing page.

On the Activity page, you can see most of the events occurring in your resort. Come back on the next day to see what happened during the night. Each night at 00:05 GMT, the revenues, expenses and number of tourists is calculation for the coming day. It is a great opportunity to check if everything works as it should in your ski resort.

The Finances page can also be a great help to identify the main source of expenses or increase revenues.

Following days

In the following days, it is recommended to increase the hotel capacity and then invest in other building types (Ski rentals, Leisure, Medical...). Don't forget to hire other type of employees such as ski/snowboard instructors and bus drivers if you have any skibus.

Need more help? Check out this wiki for more information. You can also order an analysis from a consultant's group who will produce a report and inform you about all possible improvements to improve its profitability. This is done from the Resort Analysis page.

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