Resort analysis

For a small amount of Génépis, you can order an analysis from a group of experts. The experts will produce a report available at 01:00am (GMT) on the next day. The analysis addresses up to 30 different points which will help you to improve the rentability of your resort.

Here is the list of points that can be listed in the report (may vary depending on your resort configuration):

SlopeSlope condition is low
LiftNumber of slopes deserved by lift
LiftCapacity of lift
LiftTotal capacity of lifts
CapacityHousing capacity
CapacityTotal resort capacity
CapacityLimiting capacity
SkipassDaily skipass price
SkipassWeekly skipass price
LiftWarning if no lift open
StaffWarning if no ski instructor hired
StaffWarning if average ski instructor efficiency is too low
StaffWarning if no skibus driver hired
StaffWarning if average skibus driver efficiency is too low
SkibusInformation on skibus capacity
BuildingsInformation on hotel capacity
BuildingsInformation on restaurant capacity
BuildingsInformation on rental capacity
BuildingsInformation on Leisure capacity
BuildingsInformation on Medical capacity
BuildingsInformation on parking capacity
InjuriesWarning if risk injury is too high for slope
InjuriesWarning if resort was opened during dangerous day
ResortWarning if resort was closed
ResortWarning if snow level is too low
LiftWarning if lift condition is too low
SlopeWarning if slope condition is too low
LiftWarning if lift was close
SlopeWarning if slope was closed
SlopeWarning if slopes are too crowded

An example of report can be found here.


  • It is considered that 60% of the tourists will visit your resort for the day only (and not stay in a hotel) so the hotel capacity is adjusted according to this figure.
  • It is considered that a maximum of 2% of the tourists can be injured every day so the health care capacity is adjusted according to this figure.
  • It is considered that 80% of the tourists will need a parking place with an average of 3 people per vehicle. The parking capacity is adjusted according to this figure.

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