tournaments have been added to Ski-Manager, in June 2020.

A tournament is an event, that a player can start at the Management > tournaments page. There are a total of 26 tournaments, ordered from the smallest and easiest, with minimum requirements, to the largest and most prestigious one, the Winter Olympic Games.

As a general rule, each tournament requires:

  1. Certain type(s) of slopes. Note that the slope needs to be open.
  2. Certain infrastructure, dedicated to tournaments. The different infrastructure buildings are available of the Event Venues page.
  3. A number of Prestige points
  4. Enough cash to cover the running costs of the event.

Each requirement that is fulfilled is written in green and the ones non-fulfilled are in red. All requirements need to be green for a tournament to be available to the player.

Once a tournament is started, the running costs are deducted from the current cash balance and the event starts immediately. It will last for the duration indicated in the tournament details. It is only possible to run one tournament at a time.
Once completed, the revenues generated by the tournament, as well as the prestige points, will be given to the resort.

A new tournament (or the same) can be started, hopefully with the prestige points received, a more prestigious one can be started.

Not all tournaments are worth the money, that is also true in reality, organizing the Olympics Games is usually far from worth the money, however the prestige of the resort in increased considerably.

Once a tournament is started, it cannot be cancelled, so be careful as some of them last up to 75 days!

The number of visitors attending the tournament are counted separately from the regular tourists and do not utilize the standard buildings and standard infrastructure. The revenues generated by the visitors attending the tournament can be seen in the Estimated Revenue part of the Outcome column.

An interim result of the tournament can be found each day at the Activity page.

Prestige is a new metrics in the game and will dictate how much money your visitors will spend in the resort. With 0 prestige, no bonus will be added, but the more prestigious your resort is, the more money the visitors will spend.
You can see the current bonus granted by the prestige in most building tables (restaurants, hotels, Ski rentals, Leisure...) and below the Tourist Information Center.

Note that the prestige has been added to the leaderboard and is displayed in the side-menu on the left side of each page.

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