There are five different types of slopes in Ski-Manager:

  1. Downhill
  2. Snowpark
  3. Bordercross
  4. Crosscountry
  5. Luge

When starting the game, only Downhill slopes are available. Other types of slopes can be unlocked by completing and claiming achievement Unlock new slope types.

All slopes can be built with one of the four levels of difficulty:
green, blue, red, or black.

It is possible to change a slope difficulty once it has been built from the slope page.

All slope types, need to be connected to a lift, except for crosscountry slopes. If those are not starting at a lift arrival, tourists won't be able to use them and you won't generate revenues for that slope.

Each slope type has a different cost per meter and different building time. Refer to the table below for details:

Slope typeCost per meter (€)Building time per meter (sec)

To keep a good quality of the slope, it is required to have a groomer assigned to it.
To limit the risk of injuries on the slope, it is required to have a Ski Patrol.
This is also true for luge tracks, even though a groomer would not fit on the track, you can imagine that some equipment is still needed to keep the track in a good shape.

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